Verity Mehringer has always been fascinated by Chinese calligraphy paintings. She finds their high contrast and bold brushstrokes to be extremely captivating.

From a young age Verity was exposed to the darker side of human culture—particularly the Goth and kink scene. From these experiences she grew to appreciate beauty as something both graceful and jarring. She believes that one cannot experience softness without severity or subtlety without sharpness. She has also always believed that some of the most important things are what is implied rather than stated plainly.

Verity’s ink paintings recall these ideas—exploring grace and beauty in high contrast while leaving portions of information unsaid.

Verity Studied Art at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany Oregon and Western Oregon University in Monmouth Oregon. Where she majored in Art and minoring in art history. Her primary focus is painting and her Secondary Focus is Drawing.

She has participated in the 2014 Western Oregon University Annual Juried Student Exhibition and had a solo exhibit titled Inter-Active Line in the Fall of 2013 located in the Administration Building at Western Oregon University.