Artist Statement

As an art student, first at Linn-Benton Community College and then at Western Oregon University, I have always been interested in two things—Ink as a medium for drawing and painting and the beauty of the human figure. My paintings combine both in a very specific way. With simple lines, I suggest the position and shape of a human form/figure without completing it. The process for creating these paintings involves three steps. First the human figure is drawn from life using pencil and/or charcoal. Next the drawing is enlarged and traced over using only the most essential lines. Finally the tracing is transferred to canvas and painted using ink and sometimes watercolor.

The form is left incomplete because I would like to invite you, the viewer, to finish it using your imagination. In this way you become part of the process and my art is unique to each individual who sees it. This method is based on an idea that is known as gestalt theory. Gestalt theory claims that the human mind is always looking for, and completing, forms and patterns. In other words, if a human figure is suggested but not finished, we automatically create a mental image of it as if it were actually completed.

My goal in creating these paintings is to celebrate the beauty of the body while engaging the mind and allowing each person who sees it to become part of the creation process.